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Deonte Holden and Law of Athlete Partner with NC State's Pack Forward Program

Discover how NC State alumnus Deonte Holden and his initiative, Law of Athlete, are empowering the next generation of student-athletes. This partnership with NC State's Pack Forward program brings a...

Exciting News! 🚨 North Carolina State University alumnus Deonte Holden is making headlines with a dynamic new partnership between his initiative, Law of Athlete, and NC State's groundbreaking Pack Forward program. 🐺📈

As Deonte strolls through the halls of NC State, he reminisces about his own journey as a student-athlete. Balancing rigorous sports schedules with academic commitments, he began to forge his identity beyond the athletic field. This period of growth and self-discovery sparked a deep-seated passion in Deonte to be more than just an athlete, leading to the birth of Law of Athlete. Today, this passion has come full circle as he partners with the Pack Forward program, sharing his experiences and insights with the new generation of NC State athletes.

Pack Forward is an innovative series of workshops designed to mentor athletes in their lives beyond sports. It focuses on various aspects of personal development, including physical, financial, and social wellbeing. With the addition of Law of Athlete, the program now incorporates a crucial new dimension: purpose wellbeing. 🚀

A highlight of this partnership is the 'Brand Athlete' workshop. This session is set to be a transformative experience, reshaping how athletes perceive their careers and lives beyond sports. Deonte's Law of Athlete aligns perfectly with this mission, especially with its Law #9 - Find Your Purpose Outside Your Sport. This law underscores the importance of athletes discovering and embracing their identities outside of their sporting achievements. 🎗️

Law of Athlete's involvement in the Pack Forward program marks a significant step in guiding student-athletes towards a well-rounded future. The initiative aims to equip these young individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge to explore and establish their identities beyond the sports arena. By doing so, Law of Athlete and Pack Forward hope to foster a new generation of athletes who are not only successful in their sports but also thrive in various other spheres of life.

This partnership is more than just a collaborative effort; it's a commitment to nurturing holistic development and purpose-driven growth among NC State athletes. For Deonte Holden, an NC State alumnus, this venture is a meaningful way to give back to the community that shaped his early years and to pave the way for future generations of versatile, accomplished individuals.

The NC State community and beyond eagerly await the impactful outcomes of this promising collaboration. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting venture. Go Pack! 🎗️🐺📈

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