Holden Worldwide is a portfolio of projects developed and associated with Deonte Holden and strategic partners.

Meet Deonte Holden

From childhood games in little league to the heights of DeMatha Catholic High School, NC State Wolfpack, and Professional Football, Deonte's passion for football has driven his remarkable journey. While his athletic achievements are commendable, his life transcends the boundaries of the sport. Yet, his evolution into an entrepreneur, creative director, and executive producer remain firmly grounded in the values forged as an athlete.

Excelling Beyond Athletics

Deonte's exploration of endeavors beyond the game began to unfold during his years at NC State. He not only excelled on the field but also pursued opportunities that enriched his life off it. He earned multiple degrees in Business Management, studied abroad in Paris, France, and embraced other international learning opportunities, engaged in philanthropic activities through Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and other non-profit organizations, and developed diverse business ventures.

Introducing Gaveen

Influenced by Deonte's interest in European elegance and personal growth, he developed the fashion brand, Gaveen. Since its foundation in 2016, Gaveen stands as a lifestyle brand, dedicated to crafting impeccable, timeless designs that seamlessly blend quality and aesthetics. The emblem transcends a logo, representing one's true self and the continuous quest for self-improvement.

Intoducing Law of Athlete

Fueled by Deonte's pursuit to help athlete's excel beyond athletics, Law of Athlete (LOA) transforms a guiding philosophy into a dynamic media platform, featuring all things self-improvement with a sports-related twist. At our core, Law of Athlete believes that by tapping into your true potential, you can excel in both sports and every facet of life. We showcase this through our unique blend of athlete-centric content, experiences, and products, equipping our teammates with an ecosystem dedicated to holistic athlete development.